Retina & Vitreous Surgery & Care

You CAN Get Clear, Unobstructed Vision Back So You Can Enjoy What Matters Again

Extremely Safe & Effective • Painless Outpatient Procedure • Lasting Results

Covered By Insurance

Friendly, Caring Doctor & Staff

Warm, Comfortable Environment

You Deserve to Feel Satisfied with Both Your Vision AND Your Retina Doctor

Getting Rid of Bothersome Floaters Can Improve Your Life

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Get a Seasoned, Honest Assessment

In our inviting office, we will listen to your complaints about your vision, take a look in your eyes and give you honest opinions based on our wide experience of over 3 decades.

Get The Fog Removed

See our physicians again at our surgery center for your pain-free outpatient procedure.

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Enjoy Your Life Again

Feel confident driving. Enjoy reading and all your favorite activities with clear, unobstructed vision for the rest of your life!

You don’t have to tolerate obstructed, impaired vision anymore!

Patient Ratings

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Doctor, Staff & Office Warmth, Professionalism
Satisfaction with vision and improvement of quality of life
Likelihood to recommend to friends & family

Allowing Us to Care for You Ensures You’ll:

Feel Safe & Confident

Our physicians and staff’s competence, confidence and professionalism will reassure you that you’re in the best of hands. This painless outpatient procedure is recommended by the American Society of Retina Specialists.

Know You’ll Very Likely Be Satisfied

Our physicians have performed thousands of vitrectomy procedures with a 99% satisfaction rate. In our 3 decades of experience, we've seen every possible situation and are well-poised to address anything that may arise.

Be Listened to & Respected

We want to hear your concerns, fears and experiences. Our physicians and staff will spend time with you to hear you and to explain everything to your satisfaction.

Look Forward to Your Office Visits

Feel relaxed and comfortable in our supportive environment. Our friendly staff will gently guide you through every step.

Hear from Patients Just Like You

You Can Get Visual Clarity Back Again Too

Many patients with intolerable visual impairment related to their vitreous degeneration have been misinformed by their doctors. As a result they’ve continued to suffer because of a false belief that nothing can be safely done for them. Or they keep waiting for it to get better on its own, but it never does.

The truth is we have helped thousands of patients regain clear vision again with a straightforward, outpatient procedure that takes less than an hour. This procedure, called a vitrectomy, is extremely safe and effective. The success rate is nearly 100% and the results will almost certainly last for the rest of your life.

Our Promise to You

Get Facts You Can Trust

Learn why don’t need to keep living with the frustrations of  impaired vision. Find out how you can reclaim your vision so you can enjoy driving, reading and using the computer again.

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